A Sterlingfest Memory

The year was 2008 and my daughter was 15. As everyone with a daughter knows, girls this age never have “anything to wear”, their hair and nails are in a constant state of ghastliness, and they always need new shoes. Let’s not forget the makeup, purses and other accoutrements required by fashion police that roam the halls at school.  It is enough to put parents in the poor house!

My daughter got tired of my normal answers of “no” or “Christmas is coming”, so she decided to make her own money. This issue, however, was a lack for job opportunities for a 15 year old. After much debate about how best to make money, she and her girlfriend decided to open their own babysitting business. Now the question became how to market their business.


The girls determined the best way to reach the local community was to advertise their business at the annual Sterlingfest event. They were given space in the best possible spot, right beside the children’s games. By the end of the festival, they had a list of interested families in the immediate neighborhood; in fact, they had their first job that evening from a parent who needed some “me” time after spending the day with the kids at the festival.

Sterlingfest deserves a big shout out for helping these girls get their business off the ground.  The festival is truly a community event whose mission is to bring businesses and the community together.  It will always hold a special place in my heart (and my pocketbook).

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